How Cloud Hosting is Changing the Hosting Industry

As the world of information continues to grow in a rapid state, the cloud also grows with it. The cloud’s existence proved to be of great help in today’s ever-changing technology, allowing businesses to scale their services seamlessly and efficiently to meet their customer’s demands.

As one of the facets of cloud technology, cloud hosting also changed the hosting industry in many ways. Its existence brought a lot of change and improvement, not only to the hosting providers but also to the hosting customers.

Here are some ways cloud hosting is changing the hosting industry.

cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting Introduces New Business Models

One of the ways it changed the hosting industry is the way hosting services are delivered. In order to satisfy the need for scalable web hosting resources, many companies began to offer or resell cloud hosting solutions. This enabled even small businesses to get access to cheaper storage and CPU and allowed them to get a more powerful solution than traditional shared hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting Introduced Lower Prices

At the core of the cloud is cost-saving technology. Basically, the cloud has come as a solution for an ever-increasing demand for processing power. Rather than relying on a very powerful, yet expensive and maintenance hungry single server hardware, a cloud hosting solution relies on an underlying network of physical servers. Data can be easily shared, resulting in resources efficiently allocated for each customer.

There are cloud hosting solutions that’s almost as cheap as traditional shared hosting services while offering more power and flexibility.

Cloud Hosting Introduced Lower Operating Costs

Aside from lower prices, maintenance, and operating costs are greatly reduced, especially for large companies. Cloud hosting services help save money by reducing IT staffing and by mostly eliminating equipment costs. Cloud providers will be the one who will take care of the maintenance and system updates.

In addition to that, as cloud servers are hosted offsite, the corporate world can save money by avoiding expensive equipment upgrades and maintenance.

Cloud Hosting Makes Websites and Web Applications Better

As cloud hosting services rely not on a single server but on a network of servers, websites and web applications are always on. No matter if a couple of servers went down, there’s still an entire network of servers ready to serve your website or web application.

Cloud Hosting Offers Flexibility and Scalability

When your website or web application requires more processing power, for example, due to an increase in traffic or due to the implementation of a new feature, you can easily request to your hosting provider to add more allocation to you and this can usually be done in a matter of minutes than a matter of days, weeks of even month in traditional hosting.

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